Are you playing the Sizzlin Summer Giveaway?

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Are you playing the Sizzlin Summer Giveaway at Albertsons?  So far I have won about a dozen fresh donuts, a can of corn and a 12 pack of soda.  My game board almost filled, but missing one from each of the big prizes…. as I am sure most of your game boards look the same.

How about all of you, have any A Thrifty Mom readers won big?  I sure hope so!  I had one of my readers email me her list of tickets she was looking for last night… and what do you know it was identical to mine.  We all must be searching for the same ones.

To be honest I do not expect to win, but it is always fun to try.  I got a few donuts out of the deal and that was better than nothing 🙂

To view the deals that start today at Albertsons click here.

Which ones are you looking for?

Coupon Number
C101 Have
C102 Need
C103 Have
C104 Have
C105 Have
C106 Need
C107 Have
C108 Need
C109 Need
C110 Have
C111 Have
C112 Need
C113 Have
C114 Have
C115 Have
C116 Need
C117 Have
C118 Have
C119 Need
C120 Need
C121 Have
C122 Have
C123 Need
C124 Need
C125 Have
C126 Have
C127 Have
C128 Need
C129 Need
C130 Have
C131 Have
C132 Need
C133 Have
C134 Have
C135 Need
C136 Have
C137 Have
C138 Have
C139 Need
C140 Need
C141 Have
C142 Have
C143 Need
C144 Have
C145 Have
C146 Have
C147 Have
C148 Have
C149 Need
C150 Have
C151 Have
C152 Have
C153 Need
C154 Have
C155 Need
C156 Have
C157 Have
C158 Have
C159 Have
C160 Need
C161 Have
C162 Have
C163 Need
C164 Have
C165 Have
C166 Have
C167 Need
C168 Have
C169 Have
C170 Have
C171 Have
C172 Need
C173 Have
C174 Need
C175 Have
C176 Have
C177 Have
C178 Need
C179 Have
C180 Have
C181 Have
C182 Have
C183 Have
C184 Need
C185 Have



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