Are you prepared for an emergency like Hurricane Sandy

emergency radio hurricane

Are you prepared? Have you seen the Hurricane Sandy Storm warnings? In addition to high winds and storm surge, hurricanes threaten coastal areas with their heavy rains. Dealing with water damage by yourself after a hurricane is not only hard but also potentially dangerous. You should find a good Minneapolis water damage restoration service that has the necessary equipment and knowledge to deal with any damage to your property. There are reports all over of the store shelves being cleared. All the more reason to feel secure knowing that you will be able to hear the news and emergency messages when the power goes out. I have a radio just like this. You can charge up the internal battery with the hand crank. You can also charge it up with the solar panel. Once you have been made aware of any emergency messages, you can charge your cellphone to contact your family or call for help. You can use it as a flashlight, or even sit back and relax to music, news on either local FM radio stations, or even the distant “safe” AM radio stations. Since AM radio stations can be heard from many many towns away, many times it is the AM stations that can still transmit from “safe” areas. Also AM stations require much less power to operate verses the high wattage required to run a FM station. So during and after a storm, always check the AM stations as well.
HY-88E Emergency Dynamo Solar Self Powered AM/FM/WB(NOAA) Radio w/ LED Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger w/ USB adaptors and cords

So WHY this type of emergency radio verses a fancy, or even just a plain radio? Well when you use a normal radio, many times they require a lot of energy to operate. Those fancy digital displays require much much more energy to turn on and run. With the old fashion turn knob like this type of radio, it requires NO energy to “show” you which station it is on. Thus the the battery last much much longer! Very important to survival, effectiveness and efficiantness.

And for as low as $18.99 with free shipping with the super saver shipping, you will be ready for the next winter storm, earthquake or any other emergency. Keep this in a safe spot like your 72 hour kit, or Bug out bag as some call it.

As an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and as a member of the Order of the Arrow – It is always a good idea to Be Prepared- as the scout motto goes. Check out my other Be Prepared posts to keep up to date on emergency preparedness items.

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