Are you prepared?

As you know, many parts of the United States have been hit hard with severe weather this winter AND many more regions are going to face blizzard-like conditions this week. Unfortunately, whether in their homes, cars and even at work, many were left and will be left unprepared. It’s always important to have items such as non-perishable food, water, warm clothing, blankets, flashlights, batteries, etc., stocked up in a winter-weather safety kit to help keep you and your family safe. Are you prepared?

Here in the west there are many stretches of highway that have miles and miles of nothing but sage brush and tumble weeds. So when ever we go on a trip we bring everything! Tons of extra blankets, extra food, tool box, you name it. Two Christmas’s ago we drove from western Idaho to eastern Idaho to see Matt’s parents. It was cold where we lived but didn’t have snow. As we drove in the middle of no where on a major Interstate, the snow got so bad that the interstate was down to one lane in each direction. The snow plows couldn’t keep up. We could not see past the front of our truck. Matt put it in 4×4 low gear and we slowly drove 3-4 miles per hour. There was no else around except for 3 cars behind us. They used us as a plow and closely followed our rear bumper. As Matt inched through snow drifts on either side of our truck that were taller then our truck, I was thankful we brought everything we needed to stay warm and feed.

We have 72 hour kits that have granola bars, cookies, clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, cups, water in packets, and water in bottles, Hand sanitizer, cake icing tubes (cheap/good glucose for a diabetic), neosporin, pain medicine for adults and chewables for kids, band-aids, emergency blankets, rain poncho, Rayovac batteries, a lantern with batteries, and a flashlight with batteries. Each person in our family has their own backpack. Every so often we update them with new food, water, clothes and anything else in need. This way we have them on hand – either at home or on the road. Matt’s parents set this all up for us and gave this to us as a Christmas present to the family. Each person got one.

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