Are you ready for FREE pasta***UPDATE

Just wanted to let you all know that I just called and all 5,400 boxes of pasta are GONE!  I called at 4pm and they still have over half of it left, so I was going to go after my kids were in bed to get some.  But I waited to long, it is now gone.    Boy it went fast!

This is why I LOVE my local Caldwell Albertsons (stadium store).  They love coupon shoppers and stock up for the sales!

They are all set up and ready for a huge sale that starts Wednesday morning!

My Caldwell store has over 5,400 boxes of Kraft Pasta salad ( bacon ranch).  They are on sale for $1.00 each ( starting Wednesday), they are  part of a promo buy 10 get $5.00 off instantly.  Which makes them .50 cents each.  But here is the great part the store has peelie coupon that take $1.00 off of two boxes. Making them FREE, all you will have to pay is tax!!!!!  The store has taken all the peelie coupon off and have them at the registers, because they have had trouble with people stealing all the peelie coupons.  I am not sure if all Albertsons have the peelies or not, or if they stocked up like this.  But I sure was happy to see this mountain of pasta when I walked into my local store today!


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