Are your carpets sporting the North Pole Camo pattern???

This is the tale of how we got our new rug…

We have white carpet in our family room… WHO puts white carpet in a family room?  The older couple that did NOT have kids that owned the house before us.  Thanks to my 4 beautiful children they have made my white carpet look more like a new camo pattern designed for the north pole…  a mixed pattern of white, grey, cream, light brown, grayer, grayish and dirt 🙂  It is a  awesome look and I am sure some of you are sporting the same pattern in your own home.

 We have had our carpets cleaned a few times but it only takes a few months for the “north pole camo” to come back.  I have been looking for a large rug to put down in the main traffic area.  But large rugs are very expensive or if they are cheap they are normally ugly.

So I was pretty excited to find this clearance deal at my local Lowe’s for only $84.44 (was $426.00)  WOW that is a huge discount, I am not sure why it was on clearance, but I am sure happy it was! It fits perfect and looks amazing …. Thanks Lowe’s for my thrifty deal.

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