4 DAYS ONLY ~ Save up to 70% on Scentsy Closeout Products ~ Avoid the Black Friday Rush ~

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Get started on your holiday shopping early!

scentsy sale 4

From 12:01 a.m. PST Friday, Nov. 22 through 11:59 p.m. PST Monday, Nov. 25,

save up to 70% on Scentsy Fragrance closeout products.

 Click HERE to go to the website then make sure to join “A Thrifty Mom” party before checking out.


Note from Scentsy: We will institute a queue for high-traffic times. If you attempt to access a Scentsy website during peak times, you may encounter a queue message which will display your queue number, the number of users ahead of you, and an estimated wait time. All sale items are available while supplies last, and items added to a cart may sell out and be removed from the cart when the customer is ready to check out. Please complete orders in a timely matter, as some items may sell out fast!bsu


  1. It should ship like a normal order so a week to 10 days but I will check with the Scentsy consultant to make sure.

  2. Sorry. You should receive your order within 7-10 days. I ordered yesterday and they have already shipped my order.

  3. I keep asking and Not getting a reply- when will we get this order ????

  4. I placed an order just fine… your the first one I have heard with this issue… sorry

  5. Got some of the body butters..didnt even KNOW they sold those! Not sure how the scents stack up but am super jazzed to get them at that price. Had to move fast though because they were going fast!

  6. The sold out items are removed when they sell out. There’s plenty of warmers left 🙂

  7. I got 125 worth of goodies and my shipping was 12. Not to bad ~ 10 warmers total and with tax and shipping it was under 150! I’m pretty stoked 🙂

  8. SHippins flat rate of $8 or $5 with a $50 order I think… so it makes it a great deal to order a bunch or items to reduce the shipping per item

  9. Yes for sales like this you really have to buy a big group… like if you bought 25 for gift ideas the shipping is not to bad per item.. but if you are going to just buy one item it gets hard

  10. Yeah my shipping was $8 on a $10 item how did you get $5 shipping?

  11. I just scored a full size warmer, plug in warmer and 2 fragrance scents for $20! WOW! Thanks for sharing this awesome deal! There were tons of things to choose from too. BTW…I applied my order to your party. 😀

  12. Yes they started doing that because the were crashing the site and no one could order… now you wait, and you can shop and actually get your order in.. works much better

  13. Wow, i have never seen a Queue line to get on a website!!! LOL! I have an 8 minute wait!!!

  14. Local readers they do still have the BSU ones in stock too… lots of other teams as well

  15. Sorry seems like most people are able to order to just fine, maybe there was just a glitch

  16. You should get a queue number. Just be patient and keep trying. Also, we aren’t allowed to post our websites on these posts

  17. I emailed her though bcuz I got to the end and it just kept saying error…

  18. Ok so I was on the other day ( got the link to the sale) and it * seems the prices are better today than the other day , weird

  19. My friend is a rep and I just got this email and ordered a bunch of stuff! Great Christmas gifts!!!

  20. The sale runs until Monday night but items like the buddies will sell out quick I’m sure.

  21. Some of the buddies, decorative bowl, some of the college burners, some solid perfumes, some of the bars, some scent paks, a couple of plug in warmers, the porta warmer, the grab tabs, warmer wraps = ALL rang up at 70% off for me.

  22. They are sharing the sale, they’ve spent the time and money to build up their following, sometimes that’s how they get paid 🙂 we get good deals and they get benefits every so often, its mutual respect.

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