Baby Jesus printable ~ Printable Nativity sets

printable nativiaty set

I found these adorable printable puppets for the Nativity.  Perfect for little ones learning about the story of Jesus.  I plan to print these off for my kids tonight for family night and have the kids put on a play of the story of Jesus birth. You can also find a cute song to go along with these printable Nativity sets.


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Little People Christmas Story Nativity with Lights and Sounds willow treeWillow Tree Nativity Set

Christian Nativity themed Advent Calendars for Christmas, religious Advent Calendar Christian nativity themed advent calendarsNativity Set Melissa and Doug, shipped freeMelissa & Doug Nativity Set 

Wood nativity set, Christmas gift idea

Olive Wood Miniature Set with Stable 12 pieces

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  1. I can’t get this to print a full page or all the pages.  In print preview, it shows only 1/2 of one page only.  I’ve tried changing the size and the margins in page setup.  Is there something different about print google documents on a pc with a printer?  I love your work but can’t print it.  Please help.  Thanks.

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