Baby Trees aka Broccoli ~ Wordless Wednesday

I have said it before, but I will say it again.  I think the key to getting your kids to eat vegetables is to start young.  Even if they don’t eat it the first time or say they do not like it, just  having it on their plate over and over is key. Sooner or later they will try it and find they like it. My little Maveric loves his “broccoli trees”!  He helped me pick them from our garden, then came in and wash it.  Then we cooked it, added a little butter and salt and he was ready to be a “monster” and eat the baby trees.

His favorite part is the tender green tops, he eats those first then chops away at the stem.  My kids do not like every single vegetable I put on their plate but they do enjoy most of them.  I think this little broccoli eater is pretty stinkin cute 🙂

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