Back pack only $3.49 – Ends Today – Make a difference read the bottom of the post

4257Classic 15.5″ Backpacks With Front Zipper Pocket
Only $3.49 each!

Backpacks for $3.49 at DollarDay$! Use Code: SBP349 CLICK HERE
(Limit 1 order per customer. Limit 1 coupon per order.)

Enter coupon code: SBP349 in your shopping cart and click “recalculate”

Limit 1 order per customer. Limit 1 coupon per order. Ends Wednesday, 6/9 @ 11:59PM EST.

Update – It looks like this is on a order of 24 ( one case) I browsed the site and found a lot of items you could purchase only one of, and assumed this was too.

BUT I thought this might be a good chance to get some friends in on it and purchase a case! Why? Many schools look for donations for kids who don’t eat enough at home. Most schools have a program where they send backpacks full of food for the night home with kids. They put them in back packs, set them in hallways and allow kids to quietly come and grab one as they leave the school. All of the others kids never realize that the kid who just took the back pack took it cause they don’t have food at home. That why the kid doesn’t get embarrassed. its a hush hush program… Look in to it and lets all make a difference

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