Bag of Rice Campaign #5 – A visit to Uzor Utom Nnali

Learn how you can be apart of helping people who are in need with our A Thrifty Mom Bag of Rice Campaign. In 2016 we started helping a young man named Ikechukwu from Nigeria. Summer of 2019 we were able to visit his family in Aba, Nigeria. While there we saw widespread poverty and lack of basic needs. We would like to invite you to help meet one of those basic needs, by providing Nigerian families with rice. This gift will feed a large family for a few months, or a single person a year. It also reminds them they are loved, and brings most of them to tears… as a full bag of rice is one of the most generous gifts they will ever receive.

The Following story is about Uzor Uton Nnali, her bag of rice was donated thanks to Kelsey Whelan… In honor of my kids! We eat rice multiple times a week and I cannot imagine be sustained by it or going without! Bless y’all for all that you are doing to help the least of these!! This is the 5th bag of rice our program has been able to give away thanks to generous donations!

The second person we visited while we were in Afipko, Ebonyi state was Mrs Uzor Utom Nnali. Around this time in Afipko the masquerades come out, and this time this village hosted them. We saw different types of masquerades, doing different types of dances and various people flocked around or ran away from them. Everyone one was in a celebratory mood around the village. Until we got to the house of Mrs Uzor Utom.

She is 82 years and her only source of livelihood is farming, which she hasn’t done in years because of her old age. She has two daughters both unmarried and they do not live with her. She takes care of her husband who has a stroke and is bedridden. They can only afford to treat him locally.

Mrs Uzor
The Front of the house

The house they stay is a bungalow, with a little enclosure that serves as the kitchen. The house is built with mud and then plastered with cement. The inside looks dark and they don’t have a way to power the house. they use lamps fueled with kerosene.

What serves as the kitchen

She lives alone with her sick husband and takes care of him and sometimes gets support when her daughters come to visit. When we met her she was overjoyed as she hasn’t been visited in a long while. we spoke with the husband who even though bedridden could still talk and they both thanked us profusely.

Learn how you can be apart of helping people who are in need with our A Thrifty Mom Bag of Rice Campaign. You can also read about other families we have been able to bless here.