Bag of Rice Project #375 -A visit to the Ogbo family

Learn how you can be apart of helping people who are in need with our A Thrifty Mom Bag of Rice Campaign
. In 2016 we started helping a young man named Ikechukwu from Nigeria. Summer of 2019 we were able to visit his family in Aba, Nigeria. While there we saw widespread poverty and lack of basic needs. We would like to invite you to help meet one of those basic needs, by providing
Nigerian families with rice. This gift will feed a large family for a few months, or a single person a year. It also reminds them they are loved, and brings most of them to tears… as a full bag of rice is one of the most generous gifts they will ever receive. You can also read about other families we have been able to bless here.

The Following story is about the Ogbo family, their bag of rice was donated thanks to Linda Honsvick this is the 375th bag of rice our program has been able to give away thanks to generous donations.

We met this next family in a village outside Aba, Nigeria. They were recommended to us by their church leader who recommended them because of their situation. Mrs Ogbo is a widow and she has 3 kids. They live in a rented one bedroom house. The church rented the house for them after they were kicked out of their former house. It has been difficult for Mrs Ogbo to cope after the death of her husband and breadwinner of the family.

Front view of their home

The Ogbos cook with a little kerosene stove so that they can minimize costs as almost everything has skyrocketed in price. Mrs Ogbo is a trader and sells books and education supplies at a market nearby. This barely takes care of her families needs but they manage.

Their kitchen

The Ogbos were a wonderful family to meet and they were very happy to see us. Mrs Ogbo confessed to us that she and her family had no plans for the Christmas and that this is a miracle to them. They were grateful for the bag of Rice and thanked those who donated it to them. Their smiles and gratitude was genuine and I believe that their prayers to those who donated to their family will surely be answered.

The Ogbos

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