Baked Steak Fries Recipe ~ Quick and Easy #recipe #healthy #sidedish

baked steak fries recipe

Did you know you can make Baked Steak Fries that are both healthy and budget friendly.  All you need is McCormick Season All, Olive Oil and potatoes.

Take 3 potatoes wash them,  and cut them into wedges. Put them into a bowl, add 1 Table Spoon of oil. Mix well till coated, then sprinkle them with Season All, as little or as much as you would like.
Spread them on a baking sheet or stone and bake them at 350 degrees for 20 mins, turn wedges over and bake another 10-15 mins.This is a great side dish, My kids love them!

For all you fast food lovers, we have dug out a real treat. The delicious pairing of cannabis oil with french fries to create a classic but super tasty treat with a kick.

Great tasting food needs to follow two fundamental principles: include flavorsome ingredients and be simple to make. This recipe ticks both boxes. Cannabis-infused french fries can be enjoyed as a snack on their own, or as a complement to a larger meal, and with you can find great products. You could even make enough to share, or, keep the entire portion for yourself. Either way, follow our simple recipe for either regular or sweet potato infused french fries.

Before getting started, the main ingredient in this recipe is cannabis infused olive oil. If do not have any to hand and need to prepare some of your own, don’t worry, it’s pretty easy.