Baking tip ~ Use a heating pad

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Use a heating pad to proof yeast on a cold day

So I was feeling rather industrious and had a ‘baking Wednesday’.

Well honestly, my sourdough starter needed to be used and it needs several hours to rise (6 hours +).

The weather in Idaho lately has been rather cold and while I totally enjoy the brisk air my bread dough does not.

By evening the dough had not proofed enough, and after all the baking I was tired so I put the bowls in the fridge overnight and pulled them out in the morning. It was taking what felt like ions for the dough to warm enough to rise and we were having another gloriously cool day.

Tonya (my Thrifty co-worker) read somewhere that one can use a heating pad.

I grabbed these little used units and placed them UNDER my bread bowls and then my pans.

Whoa Nelly! It worked!

I had set it on low and was able to bake my bread before the evening!!!

So next time you are enjoying the cool day while you prepare bread, you don’t have to have a HOT kitchen to get it done, just pull out the heating pad :). Pin it for another day.