Barbie’s Little Brother Did It ~ Wordless Wednesday

barbie breakup

With summer vacation here, my girls have been playing “Barbies” everyday.  They think a boyfriend is creepy so Ken is the little brother and Barbie or Monster High doll has to drive him to all his appointments.   Because we all know little brothers can’t drive the car.   I was listening to the girls play one of them said, “Hurry and pack your bags I need to drop you off in France, I will be back in an hour to take you to  boy scouts.”

When I heard a big crash, boom and breaking glass I run into the other room so see this…
barbie break up

No children in site… they scattered like thieves in the night.   I see their eyes peeking over the back of the couch. I ask them, “What happened?”  They just look at me for a second and say, ” Barbie’s little brother did it…..  I wanted to get him to France quick so my bottom hit the cabinet”

LOL little brothers get blamed for everything.

wordless wednesday


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