Be My Valentine!- Fudge for your loved ones- DIY

  I love Fudge!  It should be made all year round.  This recipe is super easy to make and delicious to eat.

Supplies Needed:
Big Metal Bowl
*  2 – 8 ounce Hershey candy bars. (The large one is only 7.5 ounces, so I buy the packet with 6 candy bars that are 1.5 ounces a piece)
*  1 bag of milk chocolate chips
*  ½ pound of mini marshmallows (The bag I buy is 16 ounces, so I guess-timate how much is half the bag)

Put all the ingredients in a large Metal Bowl.  Break up the chocolate bars into small pieces.  Set aside.

In a Heavy Sauce Pan:
*  4½ cups of cane sugar
*  1 cube of butter (½ cup)
*  1 can of evaporated milk (15 ounces)
*  Dash of Salt

Melt butter in a heavy sauce pan.  Next add milk, sugar and evaporated milk.  Stir constantly with a wooden spoon.  Once it begins to boil, stop stirring for 7 minutes.  This is why the pan needs to be heavy or it will scorch.  Once you have finished boiling the sugar mixture for 7 minutes.  Check is it is a soft ball stage, if it is, than pour the sugar mixture on top of the chocolate and marshmallows.

*   1 teaspoon of Vanilla
*   2-3 cups of walnuts (if you desire)

Stir the mixture all together until smooth.  Pour into a large buttered and wax paper pan and smooth out with a spatula.  Let cool.  Once cooled take a Heart Shaped cookie cutter and cut out mini-hearts.  I sprinkled pink sprinkles on top to add a bit of fun!

(When making candy,  Cane Sugar is the best to use.  The heat added to the sugar breaks it down to be smoother- My great-grandma only uses can.  However, you can use whatever you like.)
Milk chocolate chips
Candy bars
Evaporated milk
marshmallows and chocolateBreak up the candy bars.  Pour the marshmallows and the chocolate chips in a metal bowl.
butter and sugarThe sugar, milk, salt, and butter mixture.
carmel in the waterSoft ball stage.  Drop sugar mixture from the spoon into a cup of cold water.  I do this two or three times during the 7 minutes.

carmel out of waterOnce the sugar mixture has been dropped into the cup.  Pinch it together.  It should be like soft taffy.
carmel and chocolate pouringPour sugar mixture into the large metal bowl.
mixing 1stAdd the vanilla and nuts at this time.
fudge in the bowlStir quickly.  It will begin to harden. 
the panPour into buttered wax paper.
fudge in panSmooth the fudge out and let cool.
cut out fudgeCut out the fudge pieces.
fudgeYou can leave plain.  or
fudge with sprinklesAdd sprinkles….


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