Be Santa to a Child In Need and change their life forever!

For only $.92 a day you can save and change a child’s life forever!  As we look for ways to teach our children and ourselves to serve others this holiday season, this may be an option to look at.

 I know a family that “gives away their Christmas” every other year.  One year they do the traditional Christmas with gifts and the tree, but the next year they will give it all away.  They decide together where the money should go and take that money and GIVE IT ALL AWAY… but then they also spend the month doing service projects for others, working in soup kitchens and looking for every chance they can to help others.  They have time to do this because they are NOT busy with all the shopping and parties that normally make December so busy.  They say giving it all away brings them as much joy if not more than doing the traditional  Christmas.

NOW I have to admit I LOVE this idea, but I have never done it.  We sponsor families each year for Christmas and teach out kids to give, but not to this extent…. but I sure admire them for doing so!