Being an Honest Coupon Shopper

What would you have done?

On Monday night I went to Kmart, I had my daughter with me so I was having a hard time focusing. ?I was a little frustrated because most the items I went to get were out of stock. ?Once I paid I got home and realized I had 2 Herbal Essences shampoos in my bag. ?My first thought was great they charged me for someone else’s shampoo. ?I looked at my receipt and the shampoo was not on there……so basically I got 2 free bottles of shampoo. ? But I did not pay for them….. it was not my mistake, ?SO should I have kept them? ?
I wrapped them back in the Kmart bag and put them in my purse. ?Last night I took them into the customer service desk, I told the girl I wanted to bring these back. ?I told her they had been placed in my bag by mistake and I had not paid for them. ?She just kind of looked at me with this glazed look….like are you for real lady. ?She thanked me and that was the end of it. ? No one would have ever known ?if I had not returned them. ?I could have just thought of it as my lucky day and kept them. ?But I would have known that I had kept something that was not mine. ?So do you think I was crazy, what would you have done?

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