Being Thrifty and being sick-

The must have items when I am sick….

As many of my readers know I try to stock up on things when they are a good price. ?In doing this it helps me not have to pay full price for those “must have” items. ? Today my family has the stomach flu….we are all SO sick. ?My husband and I are trying to tag team take care of 3 kids, all very sick, and we are sick too. ?That being said it has been a stressful day. ?But to look on the bright side of things. ?I feel so blessed to have the needs ?of my family right here at home in my food storage. ?I didn’t have to make a frantic drive to the store for soda and crackers, trying not to throw up on the poor cashier. ? Plus if I did not have these items on hand I would have just gone to the closest gas station and paid an ?arm and a leg for them. ?These items would have easily cost me close to $10 at any gas station. ?But being thrifty, I got the soda for FREE, the soup for FREE, the crackers were $1 a box and the wipes were .50 cents. ? It pays to be thrifty, and prepare for the unexpected.

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