Best buy has school supplies? YEP!

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Ingard here, I think I have shared that I a thing about school supplies, pens and the like. My last born is now in 8th grade and I really need to curb my school supplies collection. However, I was in the Nampa Best Buy today and saw these super fun Caboodle mechanical pencils (10pk) for $1!! I apologize the pictures are from my phone and not of higher quality)!! You know I stood there for a full 5 minutes debating on just how to justify the purchase, so instead I am passing this one on to you.

There were:

  • Expo markers (4pk) for $1.45
  • Papermate mechanical pencils (10pk) for $.50
  • Caboodle mechanical pencils (10pk) for $1.00
  • Bic matic fun mechanical pencils (5pk) for $.75
  • There were other items including some felt pens (2pk) and a few other items.

I don’t know if all Best Buy location offer these items but it might be worth a look if you are going to be near one.



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