Best place to get your Flu Shot

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If you are looking to get your flu shot and want to know the best place here are a few ideas! Please be sure to call ahead for these to make sure the information below is still accurate! Be sure to call your county health department to see if there are any Free Flu Shot clinics in your area!



Rite Aid

Costco (for members & non-members)

Winn Dixie

  • Through 9/20 get a flu shot for $27.99 get the following free:
  • 3-pound bag of New Crop Eastern Jonamac apples, 64 ounces of Minute Maid orange juice, a 35-count package of Winn-Dixie disinfecting wipes, a package of 65 or 85 Winn-Dixiefacial tissuesand 8 ounces of Top Carehand sanitizer.
  • Go here for more information

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