Better than Megan Fox Cake…

This cake is my husbands favorite, he asks for it on his Birthday and Father’s day every year. I make it for him unasked if I am starting a new home remodeling project and have gotten in wayyy over my head…
I have heard it called all kinds of things, Better than Sex cake is the most common. Although, when I was younger I heard it called Better than Robert Redford cake a lot. Times have changed.
In front of the kids my husband refers to it as Better than Procreation Cake, this year he called it Better than Megan Fox Cake, I guess she is the new hottie. Whatever. I’d like to see what she looks likes after having 6 kids…
Anyway, on to the best cake EVER!
This is all you need:
Bake a chocolate cake according to directions, I like German chocolate. When it is hot and out of the oven, take a fork and poke holes all over it. Thousands of them! Don’t be shy let the cake have it, pretend it is Megan fox…
Next pour an entire 14oz. can of sweetened condensed milk over the top of the hot cake.

It will look like this… as it starts soaking in.
Next, and I am not joking, pour an entire jar of caramel syrup over the top. I like Mrs.Renfro’s, but had this on hand.
Now, amazingly, it will all soak in. Put it in the fridge to cool down. It is better if it sits a long time, like overnight before eating.

When cool, frost with cool whip and (if you are not lazy) chop up Heath or Skor bars to put on top. If you don’t have time dump a bag of Heath toffee bits on.

I can’ t even describe how good this cake is. Have you seen the Diner scene in When Harry Met Sally? That about says it all!

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