Candy Wrapper Gift Card Holder Tutorial ~ Gift Ideas

Candy Wrapper Gift Card Holder Tutorial ~ Gift Ideas

Gift Card Candy Wrapper

Gift Card Candy Wrapper

Here is an idea for a cute, thrifty gift for your kids’ teachers, the mail person, anyone you want to give a quick “thank you” to.  You can dress it up, or down, depending on your paper choices and customize it for anyone!  Think Halloween people!

Halloween pumpkin candy and money holder supplies

To start with you will need to gather a few supplies.   This particular wrapper dimensions are made perfect for a box of Mike and Ike candy, ruler,  pencil, scissors, glue stick or tape, card stock.  Regular weight scrapbook paper would also work, but might rip.  I really recommend a card stock for best results.

Out of your base piece of card stock, cut a rectangle that is 6×11.  You can easily get two out of a 12×12 sheet of paper.  You are going to take your ruler and pencil and make marks at the following measurements. (Just a small dot will work)  starting on the left 7/8 inch, 4 1/4 inch, 5 inch, 8 1/2 inch, 9 3/16 inch. Lightly score those.  If you aren’tsure what scoring is, it is just putting a crease in the paper to make it easier to fold with a clean, crisp line . Halloween pumpkin candy and money holder 3

Now fold on your scored lines, making a rectangular box.  Using a glue stick or tape, seal your box on the sections shown here.  The large rectangle is going to be on the inside, so glue it down well.  The small rectangle will need to be glued on the inside of it.  So, the arrow is pointing to the side of that rectangle that you can’t see.  seal it down firmly.

Halloween pumpkin candy and money holder 4If you are going to make this a gift card/money holder you will need to cut a rectangle that is 2.5 inches x 3.25 inches.  That will be out of the card stock as well.  You will want to attach that piece to your base, large rectangular box.  Make sure to leave the top edge glue free so you have a pocket for your gift card/money.

Halloween Candy and Money holder

Almost done! Fill it up with your box of candy, add a gift card, maybe even some embellishments and you have a quick, thrifty way to say “thank you” to those people in your life!

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