Black Friday deals at Walmart (starting at 8am 11/22)


Walmart will be having a pre-black Friday sale starting 11/22 (tomorrow)

This pre-Black Friday sale will be in stores and online! Tons of prices will be lowered starting at 8am.

They will be lowering the prices on popular toys and electronics, to match select Black Friday offers from Target, Toys R’ Us and Best Buy one week early. There is no Price Matching required for this event, Walmart is lowering the prices online and in the store for select items only.


Beat the lines and enjoy your family you don’t have to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday. These items are start Thanksgiving day.




  1. They are doing it because someone leaked the black friday ad. They are also matching target’s ad.

  2. Thank y’all bc I went to walmart & they didn’t have them & some of the people working had no idea about the early sale! lol! Do I need to bring a ad with me to price match at best buy or target??

  3. Please stop promoting Walmart! Become informed! There are no bargains when ,as taxpayers ,we subsidize their employees with food stamps and welfare! Most of their products are made in China by the slave labor of children! These are facts!

  4. Jerry Martinez did you know that? Lets look today for your home theater system:)


  6. In store had some items yesterday (Thur) at the Black Friday prices. I heard online was to start this morning. This helps those that can’t get out Black Friday (some have to work or etc).

  7. Prices are already marked at many stores now. Just got back from getting Disney Infinity and some games.

  8. Well I hope tomorrow morning I can at least get the one thing I need. Last year I grabbed the wrong unit and almost had a hard time exchanging but thank god they were ok with it.

  9. Does any one know if the Xbox is on sale now for $99?! I would be so grateful not to have to wait in line during Black Friday (or Thursday really!)

  10. I just went and got the leap pad, a game for it and some hotwheels. They were sold out of the skylander swap force and I am betting they won’t stock more for the sale at 8am. I am wondering if I should just hedge my bets and wait for the online sale at 8…

  11. Already shopped in store – prices went live at 2pm Thursday here in my local NH store …. At 1030pm store is already cleared of all the leap pads- people are going to be at 8am tomorrow to find 1/2 the stuff was already bought by us who went tonight

  12. My Walmart’s prices were already reduced also! Walmart’s headquarters is in Arkansas, so I think it’ll be 8am Central Time (just my guess)

  13. I’ve already been to my Walmart & bought the Skylanders Swap Force starter kit. I couldn’t believe the sale started early.

  14. I went there today (5:00 pm) and I got the leap pad 2 for 39.99 the sale was supposed to start tomorrow I guess but they had them already marked down. Everything that was in the advertisement!

  15. I asked walmart a million times on their facebook page what time zone it is and they never answered. So I’m just assuming eastern..

  16. My Walmart has the pricing today I bought the Skylander set for $37!!!

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