Black Friday sale on Food Storage Freeze Dried food end tonight!

Any couponer will know that stocking up in bulk usually is the best way to save. With that stocking, many people develop a stockpile. Like many people a grocery stockpile is a well spent investment. Having a stockpile or food storage is one of the best ways to protect yourself in times of need. Either when a family member is laid off, or maybe the stores are closed like after a natural disaster, having a food storage that you can fall back on is a heaven sent blessing.

In our home we have about a 10 month to one year food storage at any given time. We try very hard to keep it stocked. One of the hardest things to do is estimate which food item is going to go bad first, and how long will it last. The best way is to buy freeze dried food. Freeze dried foods in many cases can last over 20-25 years or more! The company we trust and choose to buy our long term food storage is Shelf Reliance. We have used their shelving units and food for a long time now.

And right now you can get in on the Black Friday Sale that is ending tonight!
Save up to 55% off freeze-dried food!

And one of the best storage racks is their Harvest 72″ food rotation system!

It’s on sale till midnight:

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