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Well you will be proud of me, I made it to San¬†Diego all by myself ūüôā ¬†Flight was a bit on the bumpy side, and a 10 year old talked my ear off the last hour of the trip but it was good. ¬†I think she was just so excited someone was talking to her…… but man the girl needed a pause button. ¬†I could not help but smile, she would ask one question give me about 1/2 a second to answer, ¬†and another question was rolling out of her mouth.

In order to get the picture, read the following ALL in one breath as fast as you can….

  • What is your favorite animal?
  • Do you like the Zoo?
  • I like turtles but they stink….
  • They live in the ocean, do you swim?
  • I am a really good swimmer… I am on the swim team
  • What would be your dream¬†field-trip¬†if you were in school
  • Did they have¬†field¬†trips when you went to school?
  • I am really smart, my teachers told me….
  • this went on for a good hour…… Bless her heart

Once I landed, I headed right for my hotel and met up with my roomates Jamie and Kasey from Time 2 Save Workshops. Thank goodness they are here or I really would be having a mental breakdown.  These girls are from the south, and if you looked  up the word southern charm  in the dictionary you would see these girls photos. I just adore them.

We then headed to the Vic’s party,where we enjoyed some great food. ¬†Met up with other bloggers and got some great freebies thanks to P&G.

I met up with Lisa from Simplified Savings, Cathy, Monica and Amber from Fabulessly Frugal and Jamie and Kasey from Time 2 Save Workshops. So fun to meet up with other frugal bloggers!

On the way back I stopped in at CVS, we do not have one locally but I know they have great coupon deals.  I wanted to try my luck at their fun little coupon machine that gives you a free coupon every time you scan your card.

Well it is 12:26 am and I am calling it a night ….. I have to be up and ready for classes at 7.

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