Box Tops Coupon Update

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Ok so I told you earlier that the Statesman had an extra insert that went REALLY good with the sale that starts on Wednesday at Albertsons.  Well I have great news….most of the same coupons just showed up on I would suggest you print them now because they will not last long!

This is the post from earlier….

IMG_3651I got a little surprise in todays Paper, an extra coupon insert from Box Tops.  In my areas, it ONLY came in the Idaho Statesman (not the Idaho Press Tribune).

It goes REALLY well with the Box Tops Promo (starting 8/11) at Albertsons on  Wednesday…  You may think about picking a  Statesman up  if you do not get it … just for this upcoming sale.

It will make for some Thrifty Deals

  • Cake mixes $.38
  • Frosting $.38
  • Bisquick  20oz $.50
  • GM cereal $1.17
  • Warm Delights $.75
  • Nut Clusters $1.00
  • Nature Valey Granola Bars $1.63
  • Chex Mix Granola Bars $1.00
  • Bugles Carmel or Chocolate Peanut Butter $.50
  • Pillsbury Grands Rolls $.85
  • Pillsbury Bread Sicks $1.30
  • Pillsbury Sweet Moments $1.00
  • Totino’s Pizza $.55
  • Totino’s Pizza Rolls  bag $1.65
  • Yoplait Delights $1.50
  • Yoplait Yo-Plus $1.50
  • Go-Gurts $1.13
  • Chex Mix $.75
  • Hamburger Helper $.50
  • Progresso Soup $.75

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