Breast Cancer Awareness Month~Gift for a Survivor

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 Breast Cancer Awareness Month~Gift for a Survivor

If you didn’t already know, October is Breast cancer awareness month.  I am sure you have noticed all of the pink in the stores!  What a great opportunity to show your gratitude for someone in your life being a survivor?  Or, for someone that is now fighting the fight against breast cancer? Maybe even for someone you love that you want to remind to do their monthly tests and get a mammogram! Or to support them with their breast cancer treatment… Really, any woman could benefit from a reminder.

This is a super inexpensive, cute, creative and easy gift to give.  In fact, pick up multiple post its, scrapbook paper, and frames and make one for every woman you know!

Here is what you need:

A plastic picture frame (mine was 4×6)

A piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside

Post it note pad

Any embellishments you want to use

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Ok, really this craft can’t get any easier.  Take your picture frame (mine is from the Dollar Tree and they have multiple sizes), slip out the photo paper that they have in there, slip in your chosen scrapbook paper (I got mine at Michael’s), peel off the back of your Post it note pad, and stick it onto the frame.  Make sure you get it straight.  Embellish if desired.  Easy peasy, right!? What a quick, easy way to show someone that you are thinking of them and care about them!

Breast cancer awareness month #gift, #survivor, #fighter, #pink, #October, #cancer, #easy craft,