Brita Slim Pitcher Money Maker after coupon and rebate

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Just wanted to give my local readers a quick update.  The Manger at the Walgreens on 10th and Ustick in Caldwell just got 16 of these pitchers in and is happy to let you come grab a few.

Starting tomorrow at  Walgreens Brita Pitcher will be 50% off. (not all stores have them, just a heads up)

The Brita Slim will be $10.00 (5 cup) (normally $20)

50% off is a good deal but we know now to make this a THRIFTY Deal 🙂

You will need to Pledge HERE and grab a coupon for $5.00 Brita Watcher Filtration System (includes Pour Through).  coupon will make it only $5.00!

But hold on…. there is also a $10 Brita rebate for the pitcher and a $5 for the Brita Rebate with filter bottle which will make the pitcher a money maker.

Please note that Walgreens is not going to have a ton of these on hand… remember they are a corner drug store, not a warehouse.

SO…. you can always head to  Walmart, where you’ll find the Brita Slim for $9.00 so after coupon you pay just $4.00. and rebate is still a  Money Maker!!

Not all Walmarts will carry them… so keep your eyes peeled the next time you’re in there.

For the FULL list of Walgreens deals starting 9/25-10/1 click here

Thanks MoJo Savnigs

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