Buhler Sena Golf Scramble to help to local women beat cancer 7/21

Stephanie Buhler-Sena has just found out that she has stage 3 breast cancer, she is a young 30 year old mommy of 2 boys, who lives in Nampa. Just 2 months ago, she went to the doctor for a check up and they told her that they just wanted to check things out, in a flash, just one short month later, she has completely lost all of her hair, she has a port in her chest, and is now scheduled for a DOUBLE mastectomy and a hysterectomy! And now added to this tournament is Roxy Norman (Buhler)….
About 2 months ago she found out that she had some type of a cysts in her ovaries, they did a surgery to remove those cysts, 2 weeks later she was back in the Drs office getting checked out again because she did not feel right, they found a tumor on her bladder, they removed that with another surgery, did tests on the tumor and found out that her bladder was completely taken over by cancer (100%). On Thursday of last week, she had surgery again to remove her bladder completely, it is looking like she is lucky enough to just have it contained inside of her bladder. She is now at home recovering.

We (her family) have come up with a plan…. we are going to hold a golf tournament for her out at the Timberstone golf course in Caldwell (just off of Ustick) have you seen this place?

We will hold a raffle and hopefully be able to take a little bit of the burden off of their shoulders, if you or your spouses like to golf, OR have huge hearts and can help us make this easier let me know, here is what I am asking for. I will need this all together by July 10th!
I really want to put an emphasis on the raffle right now. I know so far we have a tanning package from Southern Exposure and a handmade quilt from Zan Taylor Designs , a photography session from Maijakarin Photography , a Studio V3 certificate and lots more, We appreciate you all! I know that these woman will have full heart when they see all of the compassion that comes from the people who care about them!
Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Tournament to take place at Timberstone golf course in Caldwell (just off of Ustick)

Sponsor a hole at the tournament $250 to have your companies sign up and posted for everyone to see. We need MANY more sponsors.

Play in our tournament…$65 per person OR $260 a team includes green fee, cart and lunch.
I have attached a sign up sheet.

Donate something awesome for our raffle. Or help me get some great prizes together to raffle off, from your spouses work, people you know, or YOUR company!

Buy a raffle ticket……..or 50! They are $5 each or 5 for $20. We are supposed to be selling them the day of the tournament, and you are supposed to take the prize home with you then! But I will take on the task of letting you buy them early from me and I will be in charge of getting the prize to you if you win!