Cabinet Door Chalk Board with Contact Paper DIY

Thanks to Passionate Penny Pincher for passing along this thrifty and creative idea to use Chalkboard Contact Paper to make the inside of your cabinet doors a chalk board.  First off I had no idea Chalkboard Contact Paper or Gowrite Dry Erase Paper  even existed… But my mind is swirling with all the creative ideas I could make this it!  Love this idea and hope you enjoy it as well.

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Chalkboard Contact Paper, 18″ x 6′ $6.96

Gowrite Dry Erase Rolls, 18″ X 6 Feet, White, ( if you want to do dry erase instead) $8.99

Here’s what you’ll need ~

  • Chalkboard Contact Paper
  • Scissors to cut contact paper to size
  • A plastic card to smooth down any bumps
  • Chalk

And here’s how to do it . . .

  • Cut contact paper to fit board.
  • Smooth down with credit card (I actually used the card to smooth it down with, and then creased it very tightly in the corners. The card did the cutting too!)
  • “Cure” the contact paper by using the flat side of the chalk and completely covering the contact paper
  • You’re all done! You could also add vinyl letters to write “menu” and “grocery list”