California Thrifty Deals

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Thanks to Amber one of my California readers who sent me this, great job!!!!
Albertsons Run 8/3

Before Sales, Club Card and Coupons the lot in these 2 pictures would have cost: $299.04
I paid $79.21 out of pocket
I got back $45.00 in Catalinas
So in true “couponers” math I paid just $34.21 for all of this.

A TIP for those of you who are new to couponing and Catalina coupons. A Catalina is the coupon you will get when the ad says, Spend an amount and get an amount back. When you get the $15 back it comes out of a “catalina” coupon printer. You will get this round in 3 $5 coupons. It is ONE offer per TRANSACTION. I had 3 kids with me and don’t have enough room in the cart for all of it. Plus, I have to separate transactions to make sure they are all $30 each to get my Cat’s. I did 4 transactions and went to the car 3 times because I like to put only my $30 of items in the promotion on one tab. Two times I was at $29 and some change and had to grab one more item. If you are below the $30 your Catalina’s WILL NOT PRINT. Another TIP, the $30 is AFTER your Albertsons card, but before your Manufacturers coupons. So for example my transactions were $30 and then I couponed down to $25.69, $28.23, and $22.54. Since I had spent $30 before MC’s I got my $15 in Catalinas. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not use your $15 catalina for another transaction on the SAME promotion. Another catalina WILL NOT print out for items that it was earned for.

40 boxes of pop-tarts
19 jars of Ragu
(Expirations on PT-1 year from now)
(Expirations on Ragu-2 years from now)

No we don’t eat pop-tarts every day, but when i go to buy them they are anywhere from $2.50-$3.50 a box. I got them for $.50 a box, but then used my Catalina coupons so they were FREE!! Now, I know what you are thinking “THAT’S A LOT OF SNACKS!” I have a storage closet under the pantry for excess food that we get for a great deal so all of this will last us a long time as we use snacks in moderation. Then I will use the rest of my Catalina’s ($25.00 left for the week) for meat and produce.

For anyone in my area I did not even come close to clearing shelves. There is a LOT left.

8 boxes cereal
3 Bugles
4 Chex
2 Cake Mix
2 Frosting
2 Break and Bake Cookies
4 marinades
3 butter
1 egg (Free with $25 purchase)
4 shredded cheese
2 orange juice
4 cookie mix
2 Klondike 6 packs
2 Ben and Jerry’s cups
2 Nutri grain bars
1 Cinnabon granola bar box
2 Bisquik

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