Can a Mom of 3 really rest?


I have not been feeling well the last 3 days, I have been having lots of contractions, back pain, head aches, can’t focus and can’t catch my breath.  So I finally went to see my doctor today.  Just as I thought I am having some issues with my blood pressure.   My doctor said I need lots of rest and to take it easy…… can someone please tell me how a busy Mom of 3 is suppose to take it easy?

The kids still need taken care of, meals need to me made, laundry done….. but I do need to think of this little baby growing inside of me, and making sure he does not come too early.  Matt is going to take some time off work to help me with the kids, and we hope I will be back to normal in a few days.  Can I just tell you taking time off to do nothing….drives me crazy.  All I do is lay there and think of everything I need to get done and feel like I am going to go nuts.

So we will see how the next few days go with Matt playing Mr. Mom, and me trying to stay down.  Just thought I would give you all an update….my readers have kind of become my extended family, so thanks for putting up with all my personal posts as well as my coupons deals.  Have a great night…I am going to “rest”  aka watch tv and do nothing.  Boy I have not done that in months, I am always doing two or three things at once.

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