Can I use a Coupon and still have a Register Reward print?

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Let’s face it shopping at Walgreens can be a little tricky.  It takes a bit of time to learn all their weird little tricks and rules.  But once you get it down, it is totally worth it because they have awesome deals each week!  I happen to have a VERY coupon friendly store, with knowledgeable staff  that makes shopping there very easy.

Once of the hardest things is when your Register Reward does not print.  I get an email at least once a week from my readers telling me that their local store said the reason there register reward did not print was because they paid with a coupon.  This is the the #1 excuse given but never the case.

I encourage you to find this weeks Walgreens ad, and on the back page it clearly shows you can use a MFR coupon and still get back a register reward.  If you happen to shop at a store that is not so coupon friendly clip this out and keep it with your Walgreens coupon policy in your coupon binder for future reference if needed.