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happy mothers day

One of my friends posted on facebook last night asking what we all wanted for Mothers Day next Sunday.  I was rather surprised to see so many women all say they wanted a clean house, a nap and a little bit of alone time…  I thought I was the only weird one that really just wants to sleep in and wake up to a clean house and have someone else cook for me.

What do you want for Mothers Day?

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I wanted to know if you could do a post on things that can be frozen.  I just got a chest freezer this week, and I was unsure as to what “non freezer food” I could freeze.  I know that I can freeze lunchmeat, right?  I mostly wonder about things like cream cheese, refrigerated cookie dough, biscuits, etc – things that say “do not freeze” on them – but I figure you actually can.  I heard that cheese freezes really well too.  I figured that since you have been doing this awhile you would have a better list of things that do and do not freeze well.
I think this a great question. From my experience I have had great luck freezing lunch meat, cookie dough, shredded cheese, cooked squash, bananas for baking or milkshakes.  Bread, bagels, muffins, and  pancakes as long as you do not keep then in longer than a few weeks. I have to say I do not have all the answers on this one, I so am looking for all my readers to give your  2 cents on this topic! What have you had good luck with in the freezer?  Or better yet tell me your freezer  nightmares.  You can also check out this guest post Every Thing You Need To Know About Freezing Food From a-z. 
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When I teach my coupon classes I talk about how much of your budget to set aside  for couponing and how to stock up.  When a new couponer watches a shows like Extreme Couponing they are lead to believe that you are suppose to build a massive stockpile in 1 day, using 100’s of coupons and walk away paying nothing.  This “can” be done but is NOT realistic and is more for tv ratings than  to teach you a skill to save you money.

When you first start couponing you will need  to still buy the “normal” things on your weekly shopping list because you do not have a stockpile at home.  What I suggest is to take 10-20% of your budget and set that aside just for couponing.  Then shop like normal with the other 80-90% of your money.  Becuase if you where to put ALL you money towards the lowest stock up deals that week… sure you would get a good deal but you would not have the items needed to create a menu plan for your family.  Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to creating a well balanced  stockpile.

Now what are you going to buy with your 10-20% set aside, you are going to focus on stocking up on the items that are at there LOWEST price point and try to buy multiples.   For example if mayonnaise  is a regular item on your shopping list you are going to pay $3-$5 per bottle depending where and when you shop.  Recently an ad  at Albertsons showed you could get mayo for low as $.49  a bottle after sale and coupons.

Best Foods Mayo $2.99 when you buy 10 $2.49

These bottles do not expire for 8 months.  So stock up when the price is low, and get 8-10 bottles for the same price you would pay for one bottle that is not on sale.  This now gives you the power to mark that item off your list for the next 8 months and you DO NOT have to buy it until it is a price point you are willing to pay. You also get to use that money towards other items like fresh produce or milk… or apply it towards more coupon deals.  The longer you shop this way you will build up a stockpile and you will get to “shop your stockpile” instead of shopping the stores for your  pantry staples.

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Extreme Couponing – ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE?

Many people wonder If what it means when it says One Coupon Per Purchase. And how can I use two coupons per purchase?


Question from my inbox this week,

First I want to thank you for your thriftymom website.  I’ve been
couponing for a year now and I still have questions.  I learn
something new everyday about coupons….I do have a question after
watching TLC’s Extreme Couponing, in the show the couponers bought a
large number of items and used coupons for every item…… I’ve read
the fine print on the coupon and most of these coupons have written on
them “one per purchase” or “one per purchase of like item”……..I’ve
tried to use multiple coupons, for instance, Act Popcorn at Winco and
the cashier refused my coupons because they read, one per
purchase……on the show there were items the couponers purchased and
i have the same coupons and mine read “one per purchase”.  So does
this depend on the store and cashier to take these multiple coupons?
does it also depend on the store and cashier to double a coupon that
reads “do not double”.  I hope you can explain this to me.

Answer: This is a great question and asked at every coupon class I teach, so I thought it would be a good topic to cover.  First let me say the fine print on a coupon should be read and honored.   A store has the right to refuse a coupon  ( which is silly they get reimbursed the full amount plus 8 cents).  That being said this is what the fine print means…

One Coupon per Purchase

One Coupon Per Purchase


If your coupon says ” One coupon per purchase”

That means you are only able to use one coupon per item purchased.  ( NOT buy 5 items and scan the same coupon 5 times).  If you are buying or purchasing 5 items you can then use 5 coupons.  Ask yourself or the cashier how many items did I purchase….5, so that means you can use 5 coupons  (One per purchase). You can have multiple ”purchases” within one transaction.

If the coupon was to say  “One coupon per transaction” then yes you are only to use one coupon for one item on that shopping trip.

If the coupon was to say ” One coupon per House Hold” then you are only use one coupon , not even on a new transaction or next shopping trip.

Can I Use Two Coupons on One Item

Can I Use Two Coupons on One Item


Many of you may have noticed P&G changed the wording on there coupons.  They now reads ” Limit one coupon per purchase, Limit of 4 like coupon in the same shopping trip” The top line means the same as above, one coupon per item or purchase ( you can buy 3 of the same items and use 3 coupons)…. but then the next line gives you even further instruction.  Only 4 like items in the same shopping trip.  So you can buy as many P&G products as you want in one transaction….but limited to 4 of each product. So 4 toothpaste, 4 shampoo, 4 bodywash…you get the idea.

The main thing is to remember a transaction is different than a purchase.  A transaction is the sum of all the items or all the purchases you made.

So Yes you can use two coupons per purchase.

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