Can your hubby cook a chicken… mine can!

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Ok I have to brag about my Hubby for a minute.  A few months ago I bought a whole chicken and it has been sitting in the freezer the whole time.  Every time I open my freezer I see it in there and I know I need to cook it… but I don’t want to.  Why you ask?  Because the whole dead bird, skin and all just kind of grosses me out.  Ya I know, I know.. this is the girl that helped her Dad butcher cows when I was little… cowgirl up and get on with it, right?  NOPE no matter how hard I try raw chicken makes me want to gag.

So I asked Matt if he would cook it for me……  Which he did.

Yip I have a pretty awesome Hubby.. thanks Matt!

(no need for flowers or chocolate… just help me be thrifty and cook that nasty dead bird in my freezer…lol)


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