Candy Corn Craft~Easy Dollar Store Craft

Candy Corn, #fall, #Crafts, #Halloween, #Candycorn


 Candy Corn Craft~Easy Dollar Store Craft

Looking for a quick, cute way to spruce up your fall decor?  This little candy corn, is so cute, and who doesn’t love candy corn?!

What you will need:

Styrofoam cone shape (from the dollar store)

Orange, yellow and white paper (lightweight works best, no card stock),

glue stick


Candle stick (optional, but this pretty one is from the Dollar Tree)

Candy corn crafts, #fall, #candy corn, #Halloween

*tip, leaving the plastic on the cone shape makes it easier to stick the glue to it, but the sticker on the wrapper does show through.  I took mine off, and it took a little more work to get the glue to stick to the Styrofoam.

Begin by measuring your yellow paper and to make sure it wraps around the bottom of your cone.  Then cut the paper in a cone(ish) shape, with a rounded bottom like this:

Candy corn crafts, #fall, #candy corn, #easy #Halloween

Wrap it around, with the longer side first and glue to the cone.

Fall Candy corn crafts, #fall, #crafts, #candy corn, #Halloween

You will glue the orange and white to this yellow, so don’t worry that it is so large.

Depending on the size of your cone, cut the orange paper to the thickness you want, again adding a curve to the bottom.  Glue it on.  Repeat for the white.  This craft will have a seam side.  Just make sure that is the back and no one will know! 😉

If you are choosing to add a candlestick, use super glue or E6000.  I love E6000, such a strong, versatile glue!  Hot glue won’t work well, as it melts the Styrofoam.  You could just set it on the candlestick if you aren’t sure you want to use it and then you will be able to use it for something else down the road.

Candy corn crafts, #fall, #candy, #candy corn, #Halloween, #fall crafts, #Halloween crafts, #candy crafts

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