Candy In a Can ~ Valentines Craft Gift Idea

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Candy In a Can~Thrifty Gift Idea

Here is a fun, unusual gift idea for Valentine’s day, or anytime really!  It is thrifty, original and cute!

You will need

A can of fruit Must have the pull tab on top

Small candy

A smooth edge can opener like this one or this one

Super glue (not pictured) with a small hole for dispensing

Scrapbook paper or duct tape to decorate the can

candy in a can, #candy,#thriftygift, #can, #valentinesday, #valentine, #thriftycraft,  #sweethearts,

Begin by cutting your can open with the smooth top can opener.  A regular can opener will not work for this!  You may have a hard time when you get to the area with the pop top. Be gentle but try your best to get it around there.  If you can’t get it off, just leave that part attached. Gently pry open the top, making sure not to distort the shape of the lid.  You will be reattaching it in a few minutes.  Dump your fruit into a bowl so that you don’t waste it, and rinse out your can.  While your can dries, peel off the label.  This would also be good for April fools day, just leave the label on!

Once your can is dry, fill it with candy.  You will want something small.  I used conversation hearts.  Once your candy is in, set your lid back on to make sure that it isn’t too full and that there is still room for it to set right.  Now, you will take your super glue and carefully glue the lid back on.  You want to use a very thin layer so that it doesn’t drip into the can onto your candy.  Let that dry.  While it is drying, if you want to add some cute scrapbook paper to the outside, or other embellishments you can do that now.  As you can see from my picture, I put the paper on before I glued it.  It doesn’t really matter.

candy in a can, #thriftygift, #candy,#can, #valentinesday, #valentine, #thriftycraft,  #sweethearts,

Once that glue dries you have a unique gift to give.   All that is left for the recipient is to pop the tab and enjoy the surprise inside!  This would be such a cute, thrifty way to show someone that you are thinking about them this Valentine’s day.  I am really thinking that sending my kids to school with some mandarin oranges in their lunch on April fools day would be so fun.  You could leave a little note on top of the candy inside the can.  For now though, these make a sweet little Valentine’s day gift.

candy in a can, #thriftygift, #valentinesday, #valentine, #thriftycraft, #candy, #can, #sweethearts,

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