Candy Wrapper Gift Card/ Money Holder Halloween~ Frankenstein

Halloween candy wrapper money holder frankenstein

 Candy Wrapper Gift Card/ Money Holder~ Frankenstein 

The last one in our Halloween series!  I have really enjoyed making these boxes!  If you have missed our series you can link up to them here.  The box, pumpkin, black cat, mummy, and witch.

This guy may be the easiest of all!  He is that easy to make!  Start off by making your box out of card stock.  I used green since that is how I picture Frankenstein.  Go ahead and attach your pocket out of the same card stock to the front.  That will be his jaw as well as the pocket for the gift card.

For his eyes I cut 2 1 1/2 inch circles out of white card stock.  Cut one out of the green paper that is the same size.  Cut it in half to make the eyelids and glue each half to the top of one of the white circles.   Cut a smaller black circle out of black paper. Cut that in half too.  Now glue those right under the eye lids so that he looks droopy eyed.  I didn’t include photos for this, but if it is confusing, the photo above shows how it should look.

For his teeth I cut two rectangles out of white paper and glued them to the inside edge of the pocket for the gift card.  There is no wrong size, just cut them however they seem right to you.

For his hair, I simply took a piece of black paper and made a rectangle.  I then took one of the long sides of the rectangle and cut a zig zag line along it.  Glue it to his forehead and you are almost done!

For the final step cut 2 black “screws” out for the side of his neck.  I traced a shape that resembled a tree and cut those out.  Mine are rounded,but they would be just as cute if they were rectangular.

Halloween candy wrapper money holder Frankenstein2

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make these fun boxes.  Think about other holidays as well,  They would be cute with some Christmas card stock, pink for Valentines day.  Make a rainbow for St. Patrick’s day.  The possibilities are endless!

If you want the links for the series here you go; the box, pumpkin, black cat, mummy and witch.