Cash N’ Carry deals

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One of our readers sent us a list of the deals at our local Cash N’ Carry here in the Treasure Valley. Sometimes these are a region deal, so check the other stores in the Northwest.
$1.75/lb Boneless flat ham 11lb ave.
$7.98 50lb bag red potatoes
$1.77/lb spiral sliced half ham bone-in 8/lb ave
$1.45/lb boneless pork leg 16lb ave
$1.98 Fresh pineapple ea
$0.49/lb bananas
$0.68 ea mangoes
$6.48 4lbs of strawberries
$5.89 4lb kiwis
$3.98 25lb of red onions
$2.98 4ct celery hearts
$1.77/lb Boneless Beef Brisket 10lb ave
$2.69 6 ct romaine lettuce hearts

I just listed a few of the deals in the ad. This month is also seafood month so the frozen seafood is on sale as well but I don’t have those prices. They also have good deals on deli containers I use these instead of Tupperware because if they get ruined its not near as expensive.

Thanks Meme for the list!

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