Cat Toys to entertain while away or on vacation

cat toyFroliCat HC1 Twitch Teaser Cat Toy

On sale for as low as $16.76 and free shipping.

A cat toy that will keep your cats happy and entertained even while you are away from home. They will never get bored again. A Bird Call sounds to let the cats know their toy is about to turn on. You can set it for to run in cycles while you are gone or even a one time 10 min session, and toys can be helpful, as you can use them to stop your cat from howling during bedtime as they can keep themselves entertain.

  • Suction cup allows attachment of ┬áthe toy to any smooth surface
  • Electronic bird call signals to your cat that a play session is about to begin
  • Bouncing teaser toy with ball, feather and bell entices your cat to bat and swing
  • Single play mode launches a one-time 10-minute play session
  • “Play While You Are Away” mode pre-schedules multiple play sessions throughout the day

41nUQe+K0TLCat ‘N’ Mouse Cat Powered Cat Toy Colors may vary

As low as $12.10 and free shipping

Great cat toy to keep the attention of kittens and cats while you are away! The fur cover mouse spins around and around to tease the kittens.