Mommy Moments – Dental work in Utah

What is a  Mommy Moment, click here Most of you did not know that I spent the last 3 days in Utah.  If you have been...

If you don’t know who James Hoyt is, then you should….

How James Hoyt in his first major league game for the Astros made my son smile

My Baby Boy is 9 years old today

Today is a very special day to me. On this day 9 years ago I gave birth to my oldest son Matthew.  He was...

What Heart Day means to me ~2012

Happy Valenintine’s Day In November of 2001 I gave birth to my oldest son Matthew, who is now 10 years old. He was a beautiful...

The First Bike Ride, The Courage To Keep Going ~ Mommy Moments

This week something VERY exciting happened at our house.  My oldest son Matthew learned to ride his bike without training wheels.   I have told...

Matthew turns 11 ~ A Special Date With Mom (Mommy Moments)

If you have been reading our site over the years you know that each year we CELEBRATE our oldest son Matthew's Birthday.  We do...

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