Happy 12th Birthday Matthew ~ Feeling so very blessed! Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

matthew hypoplastic left heart syndrome, turns 12

Tomorrow is a pretty big day for our family.  My son Matthew turns 12 years old.  If you have followed my blog for awhile you know that he was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, he was born missing the whole left side of his heart. From day one he has been a fighter, and every day has been nothing shy of a miracle and gift from God.

My sweet little baby boy that was so very handsome, and had wisdom beyond his years has turned into a handsome young man as well.  He is doing well but still has moments that remind me just how fragile he is.  On Friday he became over tired and went from being a happy boy at school, to pale, weak and needed to come home and rest in just a matter of minutes.  As I watched him sleep, my heart sank just a little praying that he was just tired and that he would be back to normal soon.  Sure enough we woke up from his nap, ready to face the rest of the day full speed ahead.

12 years is pretty special to any child… but to our family it is simply remarkable!  Feeling so very blessed!



  1. Happy Birthday. Our son was born in aug 2003 and we were told t from utero that he would have HLHS but instead was born with a rare but milder form of it called Shones Complex . He underwent his first heart surgery at 12 days old, had many procedures since and will need more surgeries in the future. He has a speech delay and has some struggles academically but is also doing fabulous. I understand your struggles and hardships. So glad to hear he’s doing great. Talk about true heart heroes;)

  2. He sure is a blessing and he has been blessed with pretty special parents!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday. Love ya.

  3. happy birthday! I’m a NICU RT so it makes my heart smile to see a tiny one grow up to be a big kid doing well!

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