Ceramic Automatic Hair Curler $10 off Sale with Coupon Code (limited time)

If you or your girls have long hair you are going to love this Ceramic Automatic Hair Curler!  I love that it makes curling your hair easy and no hot ceramic surface to burn yourself on.  Right now while supplies last you can get $10 off this Ceramic Automatic Hair Curler with coupon code below.

Automatic Ceramic Hair Curler

automatic-curling-wand-coupon-code-gift-idea-for-teen-girls-hair-curler-with-steamOrder here –> Automatic Ceramic Hair Curler by LuckyFine

Get $10 off with coupon code UKDP4LBV makes it only $39.99 (was $49.99). This is while supplies last so HURRY, My guess is they will sell out within 24 hours.  If you have Prime they will ship FREE 2 day mail.


Check out our recorded Live video reviewing this on short hair, long hair and thick and thin hair

US Plug Steam function Automatic steam curler, ceramic, LED digital display 3 curls directions, 3 time settings, 3 temperature settings Hair Curler Curler Curling Iron Red red

  • STEAM: the optional steam function brings Locke by releasing steam in shape. The controlled steam jet prepares the hair from the heat of the curling chamber and supplies it with moisture to relax the hair structure and entice perfectly in one pass. 
  • LED DIGITAL DISPLAY and AUTOMATIC CURLING FUNCTION: With LED digital display simply knenn adjust direction, temperature, time and steam function. Quick and easy to perfectly formed, long-lasting curls! Automatic acoustic signal at the end of the per. Ceramic Automatic Hair Curler
  • Ceramic heater: The curls chamber is provided with a ceramic heater impresses with its performance. It heats up very quickly and ensures temperature compensation and therefore a stable operating temperature. The ceramic cladding ensures the gentle al
  • 3 TIME SETTINGS and 3 TEMPERATURSUFEN: Individual and customized styling: Select between 3 time settings (8-10-12 seconds) and thus determine their desired curling effect (ringlets, loose curls or light waves) and different curls species Ceramic Automatic Hair Curler
  • 3 LURE DIRECTIONS: Right – Automatic – Links: The direction control lets you uniformly defined curls in one direction or naturally soft curls in automatic change of direction. AUTO SHUT-OFF: If the appliance continuously for more than 60 minutes.

Products we used in the Video:


Order here –> Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment Coconut

Product Description

  • 10 ADDS BODY.

redken-heat-styling-spray-22Order here–> Redken Hots Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist Heat spray

For curling or flat irons, spray on dry hair section by section. for a roller set, spray on damp hair. Max control. For even more savings buy the pack of two!!!


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LuckyFine Heat Wave  Natural Rapid Styling  Hair Curler

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  2. If your considering one DONT DO IT
    I tried it and it was horrible, save your money

  3. Sorry have to be up at 330 am not trying to be rude but 12 min demo yeah wanna see how product works not 15 min demo sales pitch

  4. That’s horrible. This is definitely not good for thick or longer hair U0001f44eU0001f3fb

  5. Looks like you have to use a lot of smaller pieces. I was wondering how this curling iron performed. Thanks for sharing. I think I’ll stick to curling my hair the a hair straightener. I appreciate the video!!

  6. There is no need for the rude comments. She is at least taking the time to do a video.

  7. My hair is way to thick and have alot of it. Don’t think it would work well with my hair and would take way to long. Thanks for sharing video so I know not to buy one!

  8. If you have nothing nice to say,don’t say anything all….and you don’t need to watch, u are choosing to,so STFU!!!

  9. Take square sections, not slices like you do with a curling or flat irons. Works every time!

  10. This works amazing! Especially on real natural curly hair. Gets rid of frizz and makes soft curls. You do have to use smaller sections in the shape of a circle not a slice like you do with a flat iron. She has it too far from root of hair and you can only hold it one way to your head. Says on there what side not to put near your scalp. If you get the hair in the right spot , you’ll have no problem doing your hair in 20 minutes. Mine is super curly, below bra strap and frizzy. I love this! Need to try the stream one .

  11. My Hair is very dry and prossed.from dyeing it does the free items work for my hair. Thank you

  12. 33:13, a few seconds off!! Thanks for the chance to win something though! It was fun!!

  13. I have the bybybliss (spelling) and it’s amazing. Well worth what I spent on it. Ask for pics Melissa and I’ll send them 🙂

  14. Yes, the curl does last. I have fine hair that does not hold curl well at all. I get 2 days of curl out it.

  15. I have the original model. It actually does work great. Can curl all my hair in about 15 minutes (way faster than a regular iron)

  16. Sarah, you act so much like I do. (Goofy) We’re peas in a pod you & I! Xoxo don’t listen to the haters!

  17. You are really sweet .. and a wonderful instructer.. I really want to buy one now ..

  18. Mallory Smith I think you have to look on a computer for you to see them all??? Not sure FB drives me nuts lol

  19. it sent it to soon lol i went back to glasses but now i cant even wear eye make up it makes me sick to even try to do eye liner yuck lol

  20. haha omg i have the same phobia i cant wear them either i tried one time took forever then it made me wanna puke then when they were in my eyes would be really red and swollen so i went bacj t

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  26. When I origabny commented it said I was like the 4th one to guess lol but you had almost a thousand people so I guess not all the comments showed. It’s okay though to give it to Mallory or Sheila

  27. 3 of my sisters have a curling tool like this, and they’ve used it on my hair. A brush will take out the tightness but my curls stayed all day. And I have thick hair and it only takes about 30min

  28. Jackie Powers Mallory Smith you both said you said 123… can’t see your comment can do you see it, can you screen shot it so I can see what the TIME was next to your comment??? Sheila Alfano I still show you as the first one with the time of 34:11 but need to see what Jackie and Mallorys time is first… if they can show me their time was before you, then I will have to give it to them.

  29. Got ours at ulta paid $90 worth every penny!! You get what you pay for!! Cheap is not always best!!

  30. As long as you pay attention to the beeps! Lol this is a great in home product. I just adore you and your family!

  31. Thanks for sharing this and showing how well it works… I just got one and hope it works well with my hair!! Natural curly/ frizzy hair is hard to curl… Maybe this will work really well!

  32. My hairs about the length of your daughter so I’m glad it’ll work for that length as well 🙂

  33. Am I the only one wondering in every video what foundation you use …or if you just have the most flawless complexion in the entire world. Just gonna sit here jealous of your skin U0001f602

  34. I really like the brushes they are not very heavy at all and they are easy to use

  35. I ordered two of the straightener brush is in game one as a birthday gift andgoing to give the other as a Christmas gift.

  36. Can you pin the comment with the link? It is long gone and can’t access…

  37. Is the brush straightener still on sale? I bought the other day and would love e more for gifts!

  38. I hope my daughter and I will be as close as you are to your girls when she’s a teen 😉

  39. Oh no it’s super cool I’ve seen this before and with a house full of girls we need this for a great Christmas gift

  40. I love watching you guys! I have 3 boys so I don’t get girl hair time in the bathroom except for my own lol

  41. My husband want to try contacts for hunting season using his bow, but he’s scared to touch his eyes U0001f440 to put in and take out!

  42. Ok, but hopefully you aren’t touching your eye with the contact, but you are just touching the contact.

  43. Very interested in seeing if it works on longer hair… Please do your other daughters hair

  44. You look like a completely different person without glasses still gorgeous though

  45. They don’t work very well on super long hair. It gets stuck in there and you have to rip your hair out.

  46. I want to see you do your other daughter with the long hair…mine is even longer than hers and I’m wondering how it will work

  47. People should just be thankful that you’re doing a generous gesture. Maybe just pick people at random

  48. If you weren’t doing a live video how long do you think it takes to curl whole head?

  49. So are you doing your hair to go somewhere or just playing around for demonstration purposes??

  50. It should only matter when u actually hit the number…. not all of the wrong nunbers