Cereal .17 cents a box!!!

    I love Albertsons Sales!!!

    Just in case you didn’t hear Albertsons is having a sale on cereal…..A HUGE SALE!
    Without coupons you can get it for .67 a box
    If you are new to couponing and don’t have any coupons to use, this is a great sale to start out with!
    With coupons you can get it for .17 cents a box!
    My Caldwell store had a large display this morning even after a ton was sold yesterday, but they are getting a HUGE shipment in tonight.  This sale runs 10 days!
    For even more details on this sale and where to get coupons click here.

    This is my 15 boxes I got this morning, at .17 cents each.  I plan to get some more later this week. 
    At normal price this would have cost $73.35
    But after sales price and coupons I paid 2.55 plus tax
    Now that is a Thrifty Deal!!!!

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