Charcoal bamboo odor filter

Charcoal bamboo odor filter

I can’t believe this Charcoal bamboo odor filter is a thing. I guess if you are gassy, this charcoal filter could be really smart.

Charcoal bamboo odor filter

ORDER HERE–>Breathable Thin Chair Pad Fart Cushion – Natural Bamboo Charcoal Fart Absorbing Seat Pad for Office Chair, Rear Car Seat, Non Slip/Skid Flat Protective Cover Mat with Charcoal Pads for Flatulence

  • WHY SHOULD I USE THE FART SHIELD? The 17″ x 17″ fart shield filters your farts, So, your spouse, co-workers, friends, or family will dislike you less. The fart shield also prolongs the life of your furniture, office chairs, and friendships.
  • FILTER EVERY FART – (COMES WITH FUNNY INSERT FOR GAG GIFT) Breathable chair pad filled with charcoal pads for flatulence. Each charcoal seat pad fart seat cushion absorbs all smells and odors which filter through. The anti-slip bottom keeps the charcoal cushion in place on your office chair for precise fart filtering. Perfect gag gift for white elephant, funny, joke gift, office party
  • WHERE CAN I USE MY FART SHIELD? Simply place the fart shield over any seat, such as: an office chair, lazy-boy, recliner, car seat, rear car seat, trucker seat, tractor seat, truck seat, couch, bench.
  • HOW LONG DOES THE FART SHIELD LAST? Well… that depends on how much use it gets. Generally, the charcoal will effectively fitler your farts for at least 6 months of solid use. At that point, it may be smart to get a fresh fart shield for your chair. If you’re a heavy farter, once you can start smelling your farts again, order a new fart cushion.
  • WHO CAN USE THE FART SHIELD? Dads, truckers, Uber drivers, office workers, bus drivers, couch potatoes, gamers, bean eaters. A great gag gift

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