Check your Furnace Giveaway

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The folks at ASI are kind enough to do a

Furnace Maintenance Inspection Giveaway

for the Ada and Canyon Counties only

This is normally a $80 service. You can get this one for FREE!

To enter, simply tell us how you heat your home, for example, gas, oil, electric, etc.

Preventative Furnace Maintenance Includes:

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) test We check for cracks in the heat exchanger with a scope as it can be a safety hazard due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
  • Cleaning the motors, burners, fan and air filter.
  • Inspection of safety controls, thermostat, blower operation, fan belt, gas pilot safety system and gas piping to the furnace.
  • System lubrication, etc.
  • Techs will tell you if they see any problems that may need to be corrected and give you the option to do it then at a discounted rate or you can wait for it to break it’s up to the client.
  • Techs will tell you if there is nothing wrong and your system checks out properly.

Regular furnace maintenance is the key to an efficient heating system. Dirty filters, clogged burner ports and improper settings can drastically reduce furnace efficiency. Failure to keep up with furnace maintenance can lead to high expenses and even become dangerous. Regardless of what type of central furnace you have, it is recommend that you get a yearly inspection by a qualified service technician and replace or clean filters on a monthly basis.

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