Christensen Dance taking new students ~ Caldwell Idaho

Classes start today 9/4… but you can still sign up all this week!!!

This summer when hanging out with friends there was always a lot of talk about our kids extra actives such as soccer, scouts, piano, dance, swimming, voice lessons and the 5 billion other things we put our kids in.  With 4 kids my routine can get a little nuts… so we let each of our kids pick  just one activity outside of school and church that they would like to participate in.

 My 7 year old daughter will be returning to her 3 year of dance with Mrs. Laura at Christensen School Of Dance.  She loves it and this year our 5 year old daughter will be joining her as well.  Mrs. Laura has been teaching dance for years, in fact  many of her past students now take their children to class there, she is teaching the 2nd generation of dancers. She is great with the kids and helps each of them progress at their own strengths.

I put my girls on the once a week (1 hour long) class that goes over a little of everything  jazz, tap, ballet and tumbling.  So they are able to get a feel for all styles of dance.  Or you can send them twice a week if they want to go more. You can also put your kids (she teaches both boys and girls) in just ballet , tap or tumbling if you would like to focus more on just one style of dance. I am amazed at how much they learn and how stinking cute they are.  Classes start the first week in September 2012!

Christensen Dance is located in Caldwell Idaho

Classes offered Monday-Thursday ( call for times), 1 hour class 4 times a month is $40

Students of all skill level are welcome, ages 3 years and up.

For questions or to sign up call Mrs. Laura at 208-459-2407 (tell her A Thrifty Mom sent ya)

(I was not paid for this, just wanted to pass along something my girls love!)

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    hi there, i have been trying to find any info about this dance company and nothing is coming up…can you get me connected? thanks, nicole’

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