Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game

Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s Katie. Christmas gift exchanges can be a lot of fun but they are usually the same pick a present or steal a present game. This Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game changes it up a bit with a fun dice twist. Super easy for kids and adults to play.

You can set a price limit of $10, $5, or whatever your choose. We are doing this game this year and I told everyone it is just for fun. We didn’t have a price limit but ideas I gave were a movie ticket, a chocolate bar, pack of playing cards, a $5 gift card, a scarf. Of course you can make these gifts more expensive if you want. You can also do a kid’s circle and an adult circle.

Everyone starts with a wrapped gift. Take turns rolling the die and following the directions. Play one or two rounds (or as many as you want). The present you have at the end of the last round is yours to keep. If you end up with your own present you can trade with someone.

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