Clean / Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

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Clean / Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

I don’t know why, in my house, we have such a hard time remembering if we ran the dishwasher or not!  Especially now that the kids are getting older and are helping more with the emptying and loading.  Fortunately it is easy to discover  if they are clean or dirty by opening it up.  My kids don’t seem to realize that all the time though and then life stands still until Mom tells them.  Anyone else have that problem?  I decided I wanted to make a clean and dirty magnet to help all of us remember.  Let’s be honest, we are busy and we can’t always keep little things straight!

You will need:

1 White card stock or thick paper

1 Patterned card stock or thick paper


A cup, bowl or something else round to trace




Hot glue gun and glue

Begin by making a large circle out of patterned paper.  Mine was 4.5 inches.  Now you will need to cut 2 circles slightly smaller then the large one.  Cut one out of the white card stock and one out of the patterned. My smaller circles were 4 inches.   On one side of the white circle write “clean” and on the other end of the same side write “dirty”.

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Once your paper circles are cut, you will want to find the center.  This is important for it to be exact or it won’t turn correctly.  Do this with all 3 circles.  Before connecting them, you will want to take your small circle of patterned paper and cut a small window in it.  To do this, I used my white card stock and traced a small oval that was big enough for the “dirty” and “clean” label to show through.  You want to make sure it is less than half or you won’t be able to get your brad in it!

clean  dirty dishwasher magnet, #magnet, #easycrafts,  #cleandishes, #dirtydishes, #kitchen, #thriftycrafts, #craftideas, #kitchencraftsclean  dirty dishwasher magnet, #easycrafts,#magnet,   #cleandishes, #dirtydishes, #kitchen, #thriftycrafts, #craftideas, #kitchencrafts

Now, simply connect with a brad.  (you can find the simple brass brads or fasteners in the office supply section of your store).  You are almost done!  Just turn it over and hot glue a magnet onto the back of your fastener.  Let it cool and you are ready to use it!  Great to add to a gift basket of kitchen necessities for a house warming gift too.

clean  dirty dishwasher magnet, #magnet, #cleandishes, #dirtydishes, #kitchen, #thriftycrafts, #craftideas, #kitchencrafts


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