Clearance… is it really a good deal?


Just because something is on sale or on clearance does not mean it is worth taking home.  After living in a 900 sq ft house for 9 years I had to really think about my purchases.  Even if it was a good deal, was it worth storing and taking up space in my home.  As much as I love a good deal I love a clean house even more.

I have found you can find most Holiday items in the current year on sale for 30-50% off.  So the day after 50% off  clearance sales do not really interest me.  I try to wait till items go 75-90% off, at that price I am more likely to purchase them, and save them for the following year.  I will look for candy deals the day after, being that things like M&M’s tend to go the first day.

I also try to look for items that may be marked as Holiday, but can be used for other things.  For example the photo above, Albertsons had these Easter Table covers on sale for 75% off.  They may have been part of the Easter sale, but they are just solid white, or solid pink….so they can be used for other events than Easter.

What guidelines or tips do you have when shopping clearance sales?

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